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Wooden Flooring Options For Homes in Malaysia

Planning a home architecture is a very fascinating thing. If we talk about Malaysia in specific this place is known for its beautiful infrastructure. Hence deciding each and everything related to housing and infrastructure here turns out to be a real challenge considering, it’s surrounding. Apart from walls and paints, the concept of wooding flooring here is also very popular.

Besides wooden flooring can give an aesthetic and traditional look, it is also very much durable and easy to maintain. There are different types of wooden flooring in Malaysia such as engineered hardwood, oak and maple flooring.

wood floors

Here we are with the right wooden flooring options for every home in Malaysia.

But before that let us understand, we do we need to stress out for choosing wooden flooring.

Options for wooden flooring in Malaysian homes

Now let us come to the most awaited part the analysis of wooden flooring in Malaysia.

Engineered Wood Flooring

After layering plywood and adding a layer of veneer to it, the type of flooring we get is called the engineered flooring. The engineered flooring gives a very pleasing look to the eyes. The layer of veneer makes it look very much polished and smooth at the feet.

The pros of Engineered Wood Flooring

1. Pleasing to eyes- has a very much wood tinted beauty to it, and never looks odd in any lighting.
2. Less hassle for getting it placed- it requires a very less time to fit compared to other wooden flooring.

The cons of Engineered Wood Flooring

1. Durability – Not a great partner for a lifetime as it may leave your side at any moment and can have a lot of scratches, however, the repair is easy on this.

Vinyl flooring

A very good alternative of pure wood is this polyvinyl chloride flooring also known as the PVC flooring. These flooring are not pure wood but are coloured PVC sheets. These thin sheets are very easy to install and are smooth at the look of it.

The pros of Vinyl flooring
1. Look – these thin sheets look good at a glance and are difficult to differentiate with pure wood.
2. Durable – this Vinyl flooring is very much preferred in the robust areas, and are not very high maintenance.

Hardwood Flooring

This flooring is made from a piece of wood that are groove edges, this type of wooden flooring is very famous and a charm in its own. Unlike others, the hardwood wooden flooring does not have a synthetic touch and is rather pure and original.

The pros of hardwood flooring
1. Purity – selected form natural trees, this type of flooring has a very much pure look.
2. Durable – being the natural product as it is, it has all the qualities to an original. The flooring has a very promising future with the house.

The cons of hardwood flooring
1. Costly – the price range is for sure worth the money, still not very feasible for everyone
2. Natural water- the wood has natural water absorption ability, so this may not be a very ideal choice for water-based areas.

Things to remember about purchasing a wooden flooring

Here are a few things you must keep in mind before installing any wooden flooring.
• Plan a budget not just on purchase but also for maintenance.
• Look for a brand
• Check the quality of wood
• Look for most fire-resistant wooden flooring
• Take proper care of the wooden flooring as well, try to avoid damage and scratch on the floor.

This brings us to the end of your tour of choosing the right kind of wooden flooring for you. Keep in mind the value of wood and then decide further, also try to fix a certain type of flooring, a mixed match might end up in a mismatch for the house.

Wooden flooring has its beauty and we believe nothing can come close to the aesthetic of it. The wooden flooring is also great to keep warmth inside the house. Choosing the right fit and installing it might look like a very hectic and troublesome task, but once the final touch is finished the look and quality is parallel to none